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The Rolling Stones : Jumping Jack Flash : youtube video

Youtube music video by The Rolling Stones in Jumping Jack Flash.

The Rolling Stones are probably the best straightforward rock and roll band every period. This album catches all of their critical moments from their early year’s, and along with Let it Bleed and Beggar’s Banquet, is required listening for anyone who claims to enjoy music. Watch The Rolling StonesĀ  youtube music video titled Satisfaction too.

rolling stones youtube jumping jack flash

The Rolling Stones youtube video

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Michael Jackson and Akon : Hold my hand : youtube

Michael Jackson and Akon in Hold my hand and some reviews on MJ’s last album published some days ago (December 2010). All i can say about this new album by Michael Jackson, is that it’s absolutely amazing. You get songs full of Michael’s edge, such as Hollywood Tonight and Monster, and you also get songs with Michael’s soft sweet voice, such as Best of Joy, Much Too Soon, and Keep Your Head Up. Here you can watch some pop youtube music videos and also Michael Jackson’s Bad youtube video.

There of course has been speculation about whether or not the voices on this album are really Michael Jackson’s, but in my personal opinion, they are his.

Hold my hand : Michael Jackson youtube video

This album wont disappoint you. I encourage you to buy it; you’ll miss out on the magic that is Michael! I have been purchasing albums on Internet for a while, and this year has truly been a great you in the music world. We have experienced so many artist going above and beyond with their talents.

michael jackson yuotube hold my hand

Hodl my hand : Michael Jackson youtube music video

Michael Jackson over the years have touched so many people with his music, and when he died many people said that music will never be the same without him. Today’s release of Michael Jackson’s music album gave his long time fans a last chance to hear him produce something “new not just Cd’s featuring his classics. The is truly a gift from God allowing us to hear him one more time in a new cd. This is a great album, and it is def worth the purchase. Anyone who has not gotten this album, please do as soon as possible. Rest in peace Michael, and thank you for touching all generations with your loving music. If you need a youtube music downloader to listen your favorite music on your PC visit this page.

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Aguilera & Cher : Burlesque youtube video

The new Christina Aguilera & Cher’s album titled Burlesque and a youtube video. Burlesque is fabulous in all respects! Christina Aguilera and Cher are fabulous as well as the rest of cast, the costumes are fascinating and the music is. Well, I can find no words to describe how great it is! It grabs you by the balls and does not let go till the very end.

And Christina’s voice is fantastic. Watch here Christina Aguilera and Cher’s youtube video of Burlesque. There are also plenty of great jokes in the movie which make it even more fun to watch. The storyline is predictable but it is the case with all the movies of this kind. However, it is still exciting to watch it and enjoy Burlesque.

I’ve seen Burlesque twice already and it’s so much fun to watch and hear. The soundtrack is great, it does not disappoint. On at least two songs from Aguilera I got goose bumps. I have no idea where that big voice comes from. I wish Cher would have sung more than just 2 songs, but I’ll take what I can get. Hopefully they will add a Deluxe version in the near future.

I have yet to watch to the movie though I am completely satisfied with this soundtrack. It’s almost like a solo album for Christina Aguilera in the sense that so much work was put into this and you can tell, the lyrics, the melody, the energy of these tracks all surpassed my expectations. Great album!

Went opening night and the theater was empty. But I loved the original music. Cher’s “Last of Me” was moving and a jewel of the movie. Just her and a stage. When Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People” was sampled and turned into a Christina Aguilera single I was sold.
I wish Stanley Tucci or Alan Cumming could have had some vocals at least as spoken word in the tracks

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Black eyed peas : The time : youtube video

A youtube music video of the Black eyed peas The time and some reviews about it.

For everyone complaining about the use of electronic beats in a lot of their stuff lately: shut up! The Black eyed peas know what they are doing, are you kidding me?! I remember when I’ m Be first came out on iTunes and everyone hit the “dislike” button, few weeks later it was one of the hottest songs on the charts. The Black eyed peace are very creative and masters at their trade!

black eyed peas youtube video the time

The time : Black eyed peas youtube video

In the photo above there is also Fergie: recently a porn video of her was found on youporn but probably it is a fake.

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Bruce Springsteen Born to run

A great review about the album Born to run by Bruce Springsteen. Born to Run is the greatest album of all time. This album says goodbye. This album speaks of friendship, old and new. Watch here Bruce Springsteen youtube video at the Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix.
This album tells of struggle and this album finds love. The characters, the people of Born to Run are sadly changing from excited, unbreakable kids and are just beginning to understand the harsh reality of life. They are on their way in Thunder Road and Born to Run.

bruce springsteen born to run youtube

Born to run : Bruce Springsteen

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Bruno Mars Just the way you are : video youtube

Here is Bruno Mars youtube Just the way you are video and some helpful musical reviews about his song. This song is really well written! I also really love the unique tone in Bruno Mars’ voice! A lot of people do not know about Bruno’s EP: It’s better if you do not understand. You should probably listen to that before making any judgments about Bruno Mars. Also, despite the fact that this song is really good, I prefer his other songs on his EP.

bruno mars youtube video

Bruno mars youtube video Just the way you are

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Katy Perry youtube music video : Teenage Dream

Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream youtube music video and what some listeners think about this her last single.
The old Katy Perry is finally back! Enough of that Cali Gurls, Teenage Dream will definitely eat up the charts. She’s back to her old sound again that made me love her. Teenage Dream does have a slower beat but it still has that Katy Perry flare! This song is one of my favorites right now. Personally, I used this song for my graduation party the other day, and everyone now loves it! One of her best songs yet!

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Taio Cruz Rockstarr album : Dynamite video

Here you can watch Taio Cruz Dynamite video from youtube music; before ‘Break Your Heart’ Taio Cruz was had a little bit more than a name. But after ‘Break your Heart’ he hit number one, the 1st day it was released. Now that his Debut album is finally out I think it is amazing. With electric beats, love songs, dance jams, and those songs that you just sing a long to. With R&B, rap, electro this album has it all. With special guests Ke$ha, Ludacris, Fabolous, & Luciana Caporaso this album will definitely be remembered by me. Good job Taio! Here are other music reviews about Taio Cruz‘s album Rockstarr.

taio cruz rockstarr

Rockstarr by Taio Cruz

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Enrique Iglesias video : I like it : youtube

Enrique Iglesias I like it youtube video and reviews.

I thought that was a girl singing, I normally dislike mainstream music, but there’s something that really hooks me with this song of Enrique Iglesias, I like it. It sounds like a new school prince meets DJ thin white duke (sick beat) and I’m feeling it I The lip thing was kind of distracting. Here is Enrique Iglesias youtube video of the song.

I cannotĀ  wait until we’re out of this cookie cut out garbage wanna be hip hop sounding music and make more things like this that require talent.

enrique iglesias video youtube

enrique iglesias

A great song of Enrique Iglesias titled I like it featuring Pitbull.

enrique iglesias i like it video

Enrique Iglesias I like it video youtube

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Katy Perry youtube : California Girls video

Here is Katy Perry’s youtube California girls video and some reviews about her song.

Katy Perry’s new song California Gurls feat. Snoop Dogg is the new Summer Anthem for 2010. Its got a great beat that makes you wanna get up and dance every times you hear it and lyrics that you can sing along to. I would recommend buying this song you’ll absolutley love it and you’ll be ready to rock out your summer with this catchy tune on your ipod! Don’t wait till June get ready get set get the song!

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