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Katy Perry youtube : California Girls video

Here is Katy Perry’s youtube California girls video and some reviews about her song.

Katy Perry’s new song California Gurls feat. Snoop Dogg is the new Summer Anthem for 2010. Its got a great beat that makes you wanna get up and dance every times you hear it and lyrics that you can sing along to. I would recommend buying this song you’ll absolutley love it and you’ll be ready to rock out your summer with this catchy tune on your ipod! Don’t wait till June get ready get set get the song!

If you don’ t like Katy Perry or think she is too bubble gum pop then don’t listen to her or listen to her first album because it definitely isn’t bubble gum pop. You need to get an ear for music if you think Katy Perry cant sing have you heard her live? I mean hello listen to Kesha live or half of the other pop singers they cant even sing! But our girl Katy is hell a bomb so quit hating and just enjoy her new catchy song! I’m so in love with it and i can’t for the new album! you go girl! Oh and by the way, duh the title isn’t original if you knew what the album was inspired around it would make sense, her inspiration was the 90’s the decade of teen sensations!


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