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Enrique Iglesias video : I like it : youtube

Enrique Iglesias I like it youtube video and reviews.

I thought that was a girl singing, I normally dislike mainstream music, but there’s something that really hooks me with this song of Enrique Iglesias, I like it. It sounds like a new school prince meets DJ thin white duke (sick beat) and I’m feeling it I The lip thing was kind of distracting. Here is Enrique Iglesias youtube video of the song.

I cannot  wait until we’re out of this cookie cut out garbage wanna be hip hop sounding music and make more things like this that require talent.

enrique iglesias video youtube

enrique iglesias

A great song of Enrique Iglesias titled I like it featuring Pitbull.

enrique iglesias i like it video

Enrique Iglesias I like it video youtube


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