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Taio Cruz Rockstarr album : Dynamite video

Here you can watch Taio Cruz Dynamite video from youtube music; before ‘Break Your Heart’ Taio Cruz was had a little bit more than a name. But after ‘Break your Heart’ he hit number one, the 1st day it was released. Now that his Debut album is finally out I think it is amazing. With electric beats, love songs, dance jams, and those songs that you just sing a long to. With R&B, rap, electro this album has it all. With special guests Ke$ha, Ludacris, Fabolous, & Luciana Caporaso this album will definitely be remembered by me. Good job Taio! Here are other music reviews about Taio Cruz‘s album Rockstarr.

taio cruz rockstarr

Rockstarr by Taio Cruz

Wow, so it Is very rare that I even review an album or that I pre order an album and even rarer that I love every single song on the album, but Taio Cruz has done it with Rokstarr! I love this album. Every single song has a super catchy beat (in a good way), and all of the songs have great lyrics too! If I had to pick my favorites, they’d be Break Your Heart, Dynamite, Dirty Picture, Higher, and Falling In Love. I cant think of a single thing I do not like about this album. Buy the whole thing, you won! be disappointed!!


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