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Bruce Springsteen Born to run

A great review about the album Born to run by Bruce Springsteen. Born to Run is the greatest album of all time. This album says goodbye. This album speaks of friendship, old and new. Watch here Bruce Springsteen youtube video at the Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix.
This album tells of struggle and this album finds love. The characters, the people of Born to Run are sadly changing from excited, unbreakable kids and are just beginning to understand the harsh reality of life. They are on their way in Thunder Road and Born to Run.

bruce springsteen born to run youtube

Born to run : Bruce Springsteen

They’re already there on Night and Meeting across the river. They look back and think about friends still on the Backstreets. The final track, Jungle land is a tale of young bands battling for gigs and record deals until all hopes and dreams are gunned down. The poets down here do not write nothing at all, they just stand back and let it all be until they reach for their moments and try to make an honest stand, but they wind up wounded, not even dead. How many more will fight tonight in Jungleland?


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