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Katy Perry youtube music video : Teenage Dream

Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream youtube music video and what some listeners think about this her last single.
The old Katy Perry is finally back! Enough of that Cali Gurls, Teenage Dream will definitely eat up the charts. She’s back to her old sound again that made me love her. Teenage Dream does have a slower beat but it still has that Katy Perry flare! This song is one of my favorites right now. Personally, I used this song for my graduation party the other day, and everyone now loves it! One of her best songs yet!

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Taio Cruz Rockstarr album : Dynamite video

Here you can watch Taio Cruz Dynamite video from youtube music; before ‘Break Your Heart’ Taio Cruz was had a little bit more than a name. But after ‘Break your Heart’ he hit number one, the 1st day it was released. Now that his Debut album is finally out I think it is amazing. With electric beats, love songs, dance jams, and those songs that you just sing a long to. With R&B, rap, electro this album has it all. With special guests Ke$ha, Ludacris, Fabolous, & Luciana Caporaso this album will definitely be remembered by me. Good job Taio! Here are other music reviews about Taio Cruz‘s album Rockstarr.

taio cruz rockstarr

Rockstarr by Taio Cruz

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Eminem Recovery : Love the way you lie youtube

A amazing review by an Itunes listener about Eminem‘s album named Recovery, released some weeks ago. Here you can watch Eminem youtubeLove the way you lie

First off, this album is a must-buy for any Eminem fan. It’s much better then Relapse and he’s at the top of his game lyrically. At points it feels like Eminem’s trying too hard to create popular songs for the radio, but overall this is still a fantastic album, the best so far of 2010. While its not as good as the Marshall Mathers LP, its easily as good as, if not better, then the Eminem Show. Here’s a track-by-track review of the album.
Cold Wind Blows: Recovery starts off strong with this song, in it Eminem is basically reintroducing himself. He is obscene, violent, perverted, makes fun of Micheal J. Fox, and is on top of his lyrical game. This is actually one of my favorite songs, but if you were offended by his previous stuff, you obviously wont like this.

eminem album recovery youtube

Eminem's album : Recovery

Talkin’ 2 Myself2-: Another great song, Eminem raps about how he was jealous of other rappers who were becoming more popular then he was. He talks about how he thought about dissing Kanye West and Lil Wayne, and reveals that he’s glad he didn’t. I could see this song being chosen for a single.
On Fire: The lowest point of the album. Eminem has a lot of great one-liners, but there’s no reason to listen to this song more then a few times. However, it’s still an enjoyable song that I laughed out loud while listening to.
Wont Back Down: I personally think that this song is awesome, but a lot of people think that the guitar beat and the hook sung by Pink ruin it. Either way, the lyrics are completely insane.

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Kesha Tik Tok video

The hip hop music video by Kesha Tik tok youtube

Kesha Rose Sebert (born March 1, 1987),  better renowned by her first title Kesha, is an American burst vocalist, rapper and songwriter. Her debut lone, “Tik Tok”, issued in late 2009, come to number one in eleven nations and set the every week notes for digital downloads of a feminine creative individual and total Top 40 Mainstream airplay in the US. Kesha was first in the hip hop charts.

tik tok Kesha

Kesha Tik Tok

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