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Jazz guitar player : Metheny Group

One of the greatest jazz guitar players of ever: his music, melodies and jazz chords played by unique guitars such as that one on the image below.

Pat Metheny’s 1977’s Watercolors, was the first to characteristic pianist Lyle Mays, Pat Metheny’s most common collaborator. The other instrumentalists on this meeting were Eberhard Weber on upright bass and Danny Gottlieb on drums. Metheny’s next album formalized his joint project with Mays and started the Metheny Group, boasting some pieces of music they co-wrote; the album was issued as the eponymous Pat Metheny Group on West German musician/producer Manfred Eicher’s ECM record label.

jazz guitar player

A great jazz guitar player

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American jazz pianist : Chick Corea : piano

Chick Corea is an American jazz pianist and composer; he is considered as one of the most significant swing instrumentalists and composers of his generation. Many of his compositions are advised swing standards with sophisticated and modern piano chords. As a constituent of Miles Davis’ band in the 1960s, he took part in the birth of the electric driven swing fusion movement. In the 1970s he formed Return to Forever.

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Melody Gardot Over the rainbow : video

One of the greatest new jazz singers, Melody Gardot sings Over the rainbow in this live jazz video.
Her first album, Worrisome heart, was unusually good for this generation and this as a follow up shows her growing maturity as an artist. The title track is heart wrenching while not soul crushing, good I think, track four is also striking in the depth such a young artist can reach with lyrics and voice.

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Jazz masterpiece : Miles Davis : Kind of blue

A video of Blue in green by Miles Davis’ album Kind of blue: a great masterpiece in which has played Bill Evans and John Coltrane too.
I have never in my life hear a cd as moving and as touching as Miles Davis Kind of blue. This cd…this man is the reason why I love jazz so much. It makes you feel and just get lost in to moment even if things around you are kinda bad. This cd is a life saver for me in times of sadness and even in times of joy. You should really buy it. It’s so worth it.

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